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Amber Sauna



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Lavender is so much more than just a pretty flower with a sweet scent. Incredibly versatile, the health benefits of this amazing natural remedy seem to know no bounds.

Its powerful healing properties have been used in aromatherapy for thousands of years for a wide variety of ailments ranging from being unable to sleep, getting rid of headaches and pain, to working wonders for skin and hair health. Lavender is also renowned as being one of the best natural remedies to reduce stress and anxiety and improve mental well-being and mood.

Health benefits of Lavender

  • improves stress, anxiety and mood
  • supports better brain health 
  • clears up a headache or migraine 
  • improves sleep 
  • eases most type of pain 
  • may help treat acne and soothes irritated skin
  • it may stimulate hair growth

How to use
To unlock all the powers of the herb twig in your sauna you should make sure that hot steam from the sauna rocks enteracts with the dry herb twig. This can be ensured either by holding the twig on top of the stove while pouring water on the rocks (make sure to keep your hands in a safe distance from the hot steam to avoid any accidental burns), or by placing the herb twig on the shelf near the stove.

When the hot steam interacts with the dry herb it unlocks all the healing power that was sealed during the drying process. Once you begin to smell the pleasant scent of the herb, start to inhale the steam and its healing particles.

Tip: The herb twig should only be steamed and not soaked in water. The product can also be used at the comfort of your own home either by using it in a hot and steamy shower or by holding the twig on top of a boiling pot of water.

Caution: Make sure that the dried herbs do not have direct contact with hot stones. Dried herbs are flammable and you may experience a bad smell in your sauna. If this occurs, you should rinse the stones with fresh water and ventilate the sauna room by opening doors and windows.


2 days in Lithuania

4-7 days in Europe

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