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Ghassoul Clay

Ghassoul Clay

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Ghassoul clay is extracted from the deposits of the Atlas Mountains, located in Morocco. It is used for facial and body treatments as well as for hair treatments. Ghassoul clay is a true wonder of nature that has many properties and can be used in a thousand and one ways. 

Our ghassoul clay is a totally natural ingredient. 

This clay is very rich in minerals and trace elements good for the skin. Applied as a mask on the face, it purifies the skin deeply and removes excess sebum, dead cells, as well as all impurities. Ghassoul clay is the ideal product to refine the texture of the skin without attacking it. 

How to use

  • mix a 1 - 2 tablespoon of clay with enough water or hydrosol to make a smooth, creamy paste
  • apply a thick layer of this clay paste to your face
  • leave the clay on your face for five to ten minutes, spritzing occasionally with hydrosol
  • make sure the mask doesn’t dry completely; not only does the clay not release beneficial minerals when it is dry, but it also starts to draw out moisture from the skin
  • rinse and finish rinsing with cold water



2 days in Lithuania

4-7 days in Europe

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